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^ progress, nothing is settled, nothing is dismissed
: as unsound and nothing is won permanently.
* No one seems to hear what anyone else is saying.
That is because there is no sense of an audience
for these ideologists. There is no effective
audience saying rudely and obstinately : " What
A. has said, seems important. Will B. and C.,
instead of bombinating in the void, tell us exactly
where and why they differ from A. ? And now
we have got to the common truth of A., B., C.,
and D. Here is F. saying something. Will he
be so good as to correlate what he has to say
with A.> B., G. and D. ? "
But there is no such background of an intelli-
gently observant and critical world audience in
evidence. There are a few people here and there
jreading and thinking in disconnected fragments.
tThis is all the thinking our world is doing in the
face of planetary disaster. The universities, bless
1 them ! are in uniform or silent.
We need to air our own minds ; we need
frank exchanges, if we are to achieve any common
understanding. We need to work out a clear
conception of the world order we would prefer
to this present chaos, we need to dissolve or
compromise upon our differences so that we may
set our faces with assurance towards an attainable
world peace. The air is full of the panaceas of